1.MUST ALWAYS USE DAO (disc at once)!!!!!
if you don't know what that is ask me.  i don't want ANY clicks, pops, or pauses between tracks.   
2.Please do not write on the disc itself
3.Please let me know if you have color covers or backs available.  i'd be interested in it.
4.If we trade artwork please use a color photocopier not a printout.  copies look MUCH better.

"*" means that i have color artwork (& back) available

any questions e-mail me at

ANY Placebo!! (especially LA, Palace show)
Smashing Pumpkins DC, 7-29-98
Depeche Mode DC/Fairfax 11-11-98
Radiohead; the COMPLETE 10 spot show.
Upcoming Pumpkin shows especially LA Roxy Show

Cd-r's avaialable

Tori Amos:
Syd Barrett:
The Beatles:
The Cure:
Depeche Mode:
Nine Inch Nails:
Pink Floyd:
Pearl Jam:
Smashing Pumpkins:
Roger Waters:
Kula Shaker, Local H, Blondie, Hendirx, :

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